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Both large and small PCB's can be separated in an economically and commercially viable manner by LINEAR BLADE PCB DEPANELIZERS. The PCB is laid onto the linear blade with the edge of the blade located into the scored groove in the PCB. Passing the circular blade across the PCB will separate it into individual units. The scored grooves can be interrupted by any number of cutouts. The K3000 shown above is manually operated. Also available in a long 24" blade version. These can be used to singulate standard FR4 PCBs and aluminum substrate panels used in the lighting industry.

 The K3000L can be used to singulate metal substrate panels up to 24" long.

 Cut panels to 18" or 24" long
 Weight: 45 lbs 20Kg

 K3000 Manual Circular-Linear Blade Depanelizer




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