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The K6000 in line depanelizer has been developed to singulate up to 10 panels in one pass. WIth a Micrologix controller and SMEMA interface the machine automatically accepts PCB panels from your assembly line output conveyor or automatic board feeder. Singulated panels output to an ESD-safe flat belt conveyor for manual removal. As soon as the rotating blades grip the board, it is drawn into the machine and the panels are separated by pressure on the remaining material in the scoreline.

 Cut panels to 12." wide
 Weight: 310 lbs (140 Kgs.)

A conveyor belt transports the separated panels out of the machine. These can then be removed by hand or continue on down the assembly line via conveyor.PCB singulation blades are mounted in a quick change cartridge for fast setup from one panel type to the next. For sheets with a width of up p to 12" ( 304 mm), up to 10 circular blades simultaneously separate the PCBs into individual panels.

 K6000 Multiple Blade Circular Blade Depanelizer






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