The N Series  of depaneling punch tools is designed to cut tab routed panels, one tab at a time or  an entire board with one pass. Choose the most effective tool for your PCB singulation requirements.


The N100 is an air operated tool for cutting tabs on a tab routed PCB. The tab is placed underneath the cutting blade and the operator steps on a foot pedal to bring the blade down past two sides of the support dies for quick and clean singulation of populated PCB panels



The N200 is designed to singulate one tab at a time in low volume applications. Ideal where curved board contours or small routing dimensions make the use of the N100 problematic.


For faster singulation of odd shaped tab routed panels we have developed the N400. This machine uses national brand Die sets with FKN custom tooling to singulate one panel at a time, or to singulate an entire matrix in one operation


N100 for straight boards

Standared blade thicknesses = .062",  .093",  .120"

N200 for round panels

N200 singulation of round tab routed panels.

 N Series  Pneumatic Punch for tab routed panel separation





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