The N100 Nibbler separates routed PCBs carefully and economically with a pneumatic operated blade. The panels are singulated without dust or scrap.  The tab of  the PCB panel  is fed into the cutting tool and removed by stepping on the foot switch. Cut tabs are accumulated inside the Nibbler and can be discarded at the operator's convenience. Three types of blades are available, Standard,   (.189" Tabs.)     Long tab (.324"), and double sided for tabs .10" long. Available with optional support table and choice of 3 blades.

 Cut rectangular tab routed boards."
 Weight:  6 lbs  2.5 Kgs

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Standared blade thicknesses = .062",  .093",  .120"

N100 Nibbler for Tab Routed PCB Singulation

FKN Systek

N100 Nibbler for rectangular tab routed panels.


Standard Blade - Cut .189" Tab

Long Tab Blade - Cut .324" Tab

Double Edge - Cut .10" Tab

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97-0102N  .062"  (1.5mm) Thick

97-0105N .093"  (2.38mm) Thick

97-0106N  .120" (3 mm) Thick

97-0202N  .062"  (1.5mm) Thick

97-0205N .093"  (2.38mm) Thick

97-0206N  .120" (3 mm) Thick

97-0302N     .062"  (1.5mm) Thick

97-0305N   .093"  (2.38mm) Thick

97-0306N    .120" (3 mm) Thick

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