Air operated 80 PSI line
 Weight: 160 lbs (73Kgs.)

The N400 Depaneling punch can be used to singulate multiple tab routed panels in a matrix in one pass. The operator places the panel to be singulated onto the lower die table, brings the drawer into the machine and by pressing the activation handle starts the singulation process. The upper die comes down and a set of cutting blades singlulate the panels at the tab. A pair of tooling pins align the dies before the upper blades come in contact with the panel.  Ejector pins or hold down clips keep the panels and scrap strips on location in the lower die. The N400 is a pneumatic table top unit which runs on 80-100 psi factory Air. N400 and Die Sets are quoted separately.

 N300 Singulate Tab Routed Panels In One Operation


N300 Depaneling punch - singulate up to boards in one panel.





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