Adjustable guide pins

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The R100 is a low cost tool for finish routing low volumes of  tab   routed PCBs . The router is mounted with the router bit up, similar to the configuration of the N100. The  front and back guide pins aid in the positioning of  straight or round tab routed panels to allow the operator to safely singulate one tab at a time

Built in dust extraction channels and vacuum port provide for dust removal during operation. Dust removal vacuum available separately.

Finish routing a tab routed PCB for singulation is a relatively slow process . However, in some cases, where the board contours and sensitive or overhanging components may require, this may be the most effective way to singulate a loaded board.

Front and back guide pins are used to bring the routed section of the panel past the cutting bit. The front pin can be brough in and out from the bit to adjust to the right tab size. Front pin can be rotated to match the curvature of the PCB panel

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 R Series  Routers for tab routed PCB separation.





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