Mode of Operation: Semiautomatic PLC controlled

Size. 16X16x16

Weight. 85 Lbs

Power: 110/220

The S200 is a semiautomatic diamond blade depaneling saw which will cut a populated PCB panel one line at a time. The operator places the panel onto the input tray and positions the cutting line over the blade travel path. Pushing the start switch will turn the saw on, and the blade will travel from right to left underneath the panel, singulating it into two sections. The position of the panel can be set so that the blades will cut the panel just deep enough to separate into two parts, allowing for component placement over the separation line. Standard blades are 3” Dia. Diamond blades, HSS blades or Carbide blades. Diamond blades are .022” Thick. HSS or carbide blades are available in a variety of thicknesses, .012” and up. The machine is PLC controlled and dust extraction is provided with a Clean Room Vacuum using HEPA filters.



 S200 Automatic Single Line Depaneling Saw




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