Step Motors    Step Motors and Controllers from Stogra

Rugged Stepper Motors for Harsh Environments

Stogra Stepping Motors have modular motor constructions which allow a wide range of optional combinations:

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SM (1).(2).18 (3)(4)(5) (6)'s

(1)Series: 56 87 107  168

(2)Stack: 1 2 3 a 4 a b

(3)Type: M=metric a J=inch SRF=servomount b

(4)Connection: L=leads a Otherwise standard with cast connection box

(5)Current in A/Ph: 1 to 12 depending motor type


W=double ended shaft (not with encoder)

D=magnet damped version

Z9=motor protection till IP68

V=vacuum version

N=key according DIN 6885-T1


Px=planetary gear head (x=gear ratio e.g.:P10)


E50=encoder 2x50 pulse/rev.

H200=encoder 2x200 pulse/rev. + zero pulse

H500=encoder 2x500 pulse/rev. + zero pulse

Zx=after customer specification (x will be assigned by us)


All cast connection box types have standard motor protection IP 55 (except with option "W").  Motors with leads have standard motor protection IP 41.

a not for series SM 56

b not for series SM 168

Do not design motor series SM 86 and SM 108 for new applications.

Order examples:

SM56.2.18 JL3 P10 E50

SM 87.3.18 M6 BH500

SM 107.2.18 SRF12 P5 BE50

SM 168.2.18 M12 W

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