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Component Cutoff Saw

The component cutoff saw can be set up to cut various sizes of headers. An adjustable stop  with markers and a fine tuning knob   allows quick resetting for different header lengths of 1 to 32 pins.  A hold down clamp  positions the header for exact cutting. The motor is speed adjustable for selecting the most efficient cutting speed for different header sizes. A 5 position counter automatically keeps track of the number of components cut.

99-0001 IC Tube Plug Remover

nipper.BMP (921654 bytes)

The Nipper is the safe way to remove the plastic stops on the ends of IC tubes. Spring loaded to open. Place the nipper over the end of the plug, snap shut and pull out the stopper. Safely holds stopper in the jaws for discarding into waste receptacle.

Save your fingernails and teeth by using this inexpensive and convenient tool to make loading of IC tubes into automated dispensing and pick and place units more convenient

99-0012 PGA Extractors

This PGA extractor is a quick and simple way to extract PGA components without priour adjustment. Setting for size and extraction are done in one step.During extraction, the claws press firmly onto the edges of the component. Any possible damage caused by the component slipping out is thereby prevented.

In order to protect the sensitive IC-components from electrostatic charges, all parts of the Inserter are electrically conductive, with a surface resistance of < 10000 oms

99-0002 PLCC Extractor

PLCC.JPG (7238 bytes)

Flexible grips are manufactured from electrically conductive materials with a surface resistance of <105 Ohms. The extractor hooks are made of stamped and polished V2A steel. Insert the hook into the cut-outs on the PLCC, squeeze the grips together, and the PLCC will be safely pulled from the socket. I

99-0004 IC Lead Straightener

Suitable for MOS and CMOS components from 4 to 48 pins. The lead straightener can be adjusted for 0.3", 0.4" and 0.6" packages. Turn the knurled knob until the indicator for the correct package width is shown. Slide the IC tube between the rollers and check the results to make the final setting. Two grounding studs provide for the attachment of grounding cable.

F9061 Antistatic wrist straps.

Antistatic wrist straps made of flexband material are available to ground operators during pcb assembly processes.

Price $4.95 Quantities of 1 to 10




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