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  FKN Systek PCB Depanelizers  






 Equipment for PCB singulation

FKN Systek was established in the last quarter of the previous century to serve the PCB assembly industry by designing and producing equipment for the depanelization of Printed Circuit Cards. The range of equipment includes low cost table top tools and machines for singulating pre-scored panels and tab routed panels, to stand alone and in-line machines such as the K5000 and K6000, which can be used in high volume production . We work closely with our customers to provide the right solution for the singulation of their PCBs in the production process.

K3000 Linear on Circular Blade Depanelizer for Pre-Scored Panels.

S300 Multiple Blade Depaneling Saw

R100 Depaneling Router for Tab Routed Boards

N200 Punch for round tab routed panels.





K2000 Motorized Circular Blade Depaneler for Pre-Scored Panels.

K1000, K2000 circular blade depanelizers for pre-scored boards

The K2000 is a motorized circular blade depanelizer. The upper circular blade can be adjusted to set the correct blade gap for convenient and safe singulation of prescored PCBs. Upper front blade guard is adjustable to set the correct gap so only the scoreline can be passed to the blades. The operator places the scoreline on the bottom blade guard and moves the PCB to the two circular blades to singulate individual panels. Lower circular blade is motor driven, with 2 speed selection switch. Working on the same principle is the K1000, a manually operated version.

K1000 Manual PCB Depanelizer for Pre-Scored Panels




K3000 18" or 24" Manual Linear Circular blade depanelizer for pre-scored boards.

K3000, K4000, K7000 Linear Circular blade depanelizers.

The K4000 is a motorized linear blade depanelizer. Both large and small PCB's can be separated in an economically and commercially viable manner by Linear Blade PCB Depanelizers. The PCB is laid onto the linear blade with the edge of the blade located into the scored groove in the PCB. Stepping on the foot switch will cause the blade to automatically travel  across the PCB for separation into individual units. The scored grooves can be interrupted by any number of cutouts

The K3000 is available in a standard 18" linear blade and a long 24" linear blade version. The PCB to be singulated is placed with the scoreline on the linear blade and the circular blade is pulled across the scored PCB to singulate the panels To singulate PCB panels with very tight components spacing the K7000 can be used. Both upper and lower blades have a cutting edge only .030" thick

K4000 18" or 24" Motorized Linear Circular blade depanelizer for pre-scored boards.


Depanelizer for close component spacing.

The K7000 is a circular linear blade depanelizer developed to singulate prescored PCBs with very tight component spacing. The linear blade is 12" (304mm) long and has a .030" (.762mm) thin symmetrical cutting edge designed particularly for PCBs with closely spaced components. The circular blade is 3.8" (71mm) in diameter and has the same cutting edge profile as the linear blade. -- .030" (.762mm) This blade is mounted on a round shaft with the center line of the cutting blade passing directly through the middle of the support bearing. Because the cutting edge of both the circular and linear blades is centred down the middle of the blade, (as opposed to the standard K3000 which is wedge shaped.) the blade will pass down the middle of the scored section with equal displacement on each side.




K5000 multiple blade manual feed depanelizer.

K5000, K6000 multiple blade depanelizers for high volume production.

The K5000 is a manual feed  multiple blade depanelizer  designed to singulate up to 10 scorelines per panel in one pass. The PCB to be singulated is placed onto the edge belt input conveyor and drawn into the depanelizer section. Singulated boards are output into a tray or onto a conveyor belt. The K6000 is an in line version of the same system.

K6000 Multiple blade in-line depanelizer.


N100 Nibbler for straight tab routed panels.

N100, N200 Depaneling Punch for tab routed boards.

The N100 is a pneumatic operated Nibbler for singulating straigh tab routed panels. The cut tabs are stored inside the Nibbler housing to be discarded at operator convenience. The N200 is a top and bottom blade punch which can cut tab routed panels. The panel is positioned with the tab/board edge between the two cutting knives by placing the routed section on 2 adjustable tooling pins. Various size panels can easily be accomodated by adjusting the tooling pins so that the edge of the round panel will locate precisely under the cutting plane.


R100 Depaneling Router for Tab Routed Boards

R100  Router for depaneling  tab routed boards.

Routing Tab Routed panels is a common way  singulate these populated PCBs. In  order to provide cost effective and flexible tools for low volume production FKN has developed the R100  router system. The R100 is a tabletop router which allows the operator to place the routed channel and tab over two guide pins to align the router bit with the board. The router bit can be adjusted up or down to set the exact depth of cut, and brought out above the table for replacement. See video on Media Gallery page for demonstration.


S300 Multiple Blade Depaneling Saw

S300  PLC controlled multiple blade depaneling saw.

Singulating straight panels which have no score-line, or those with overhanging components, is done in a cost effective way by using Diamond Blade Saws. In addition to the advantage of long blade life and relatively high throughput  speeds, using a diamond blade saw leaves the highest quality edge finish with the least stress on components, of any of the depaneling methods. The S  Series is  available as a single blade universal model in the S100 or as the S300, a multiple blade PLC  controlled automatic and semi-automatic systems. Blade life is 1000 to 3000 meters.

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